Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (2022)

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (1)

After submitting your order, the seller gives you tracking information.

Included in the tracking information are the carrier and estimated delivery date.

The problem is that you may experience problems with FedEx that can delay your package.

Sometimes it can feel like FedEx always takes forever to deliver your packages.

Here are five reasons FedEx takes so long to deliver packages.

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons)

1. FedEx Delayed Your Package

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (2)

Sometimes FedEx will purposely delay your package if they believe it carries illegal products.

Some of the items that FedEx will search for to detain are:

  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Other illegal items

FedEx can’t open and search your package.

However, if they receive a tip or suspect that the seller may be peddling in illegal items, then they can hold onto the package.

The police will investigate the package to determine whether it’s legal or not.

If it’s found safe, then the package will continue on its way to you.

If it does carry illegal merchandise, then you could face jail time.

The delay occurs because FedEx is waiting for the police to send an officer to investigate the package.

This can take time, especially in areas where the police force is small or doesn’t have any available officers.

It may also require further paperwork from the seller which can take time to put together and send to FedEx.

The package may require extensive testing to determine if it carried drugs or other illegal substances.

That can take time since it needs to go to a lab for testing.

Once the package is ready, it will finally make its way to you.

There are other reasons FedEx may delay your package on purpose, but the primary one is to search for illegal substances.

2. Incorrect Address

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (3)

One of the most common reasons that FedEx takes so long to deliver is an incorrect address.

There are several reasons an incorrect address may be on the shipping label.

It starts with buyer error.

It’s possible that the buyer might have accidentally typed the wrong shipping address into the field.

This can also happen if the buyer has several shipping addresses on file and accidentally chooses the wrong one to ship to.

FedEx then delivers to the wrong address.

It takes time for them to correct the mistake.

The process can take even longer if the buyer needs to contact the seller to tell them to put a claim on the order or dispute it.

Once the order has a claim on it, the FedEx driver has to collect the package and take it to the correct address.

Besides buyer error, the seller might also make an error.

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Something may go wrong with the software that puts the incorrect shipping address on your order.

As a result, FedEx delivers to the wrong address.

To correct that mistake, the FedEx driver then needs to return to the address, collect the package, then deliver it to the correct address after they’re given the information.

That process can take a while if the buyer is not aware that the seller gave FedEx the incorrect information in the first place.

One final reason that the package may be delivered to the wrong address is that the FedEx driver misread the label.

FedEx drivers handle hundreds of packages at a time.

It’s easy to misread an address when delivering it to a home.

Although there are a few fail-safes that help make this a rare occurrence, it does happen.

The shipping label may also have some sort of damage on it that can make it difficult for the driver to read it.

The scanner may also be unable to read it.

That increases the chance of them delivering to the wrong address and requiring the buyer to wait longer for their package to arrive.

3. Severe Weather

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (4)

Another common reason it takes FedEx so long to deliver is the weather.

While rainstorms won’t stop FedEx, certain types of severe weather can delay packages.

Severe thunderstorms are dangerous to drive in.

FedEx drivers will sometimes have to wait until the storm passes before they can continue driving.

Storms that rage throughout the day may delay the delivery of your package by a day or two.

Extreme storms like hurricanes, tornados, and tropical storms can cause damage on the road.

It may force the driver to stop because the road needs clearing.

Flooding may delay your package for an extended time.

Finally, snow showers can also delay your package.

Extreme snowstorms can make it impossible to use the road.

As a result, FedEx may need to delay your package until the streets are safe.

4. Recipient Wasn’t There To Accept The Package

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (5)

Some deliveries require the recipient of the package to sign for it.

FedEx can’t deliver the package otherwise.

If the recipient isn’t there to accept the package, then FedEx will take it back and try to deliver it on another date.

It can take a long time for FedEx to deliver the package if the recipient is never there to sign for it.

In some cases, anyone at the home can sign for the package, but only if they’re 18 years old.

FedEx may have attempted to deliver the package, but they were unable to because no one of age was available to sign for it.

One final reason that it can take FedEx a long time to deliver a package is that it’s a delivery for a business.

If the recipient is a business, then they have operating hours.

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FedEx needs someone there to sign for the package, but if the business isn’t open, then no one is available.

This problem worsens if the package arrives during the weekend.

FedEx may be unable to deliver the package until the following Monday if the business isn’t open during the weekend.

5. Missing Documentation

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (6)

Packages contain a lot of documentation to help with their delivery.

Not only is the address needed for shipment, but other information like the commercial invoice is also needed.

The commercial invoice proves that the package contains the item the buyer is expecting, and that the transaction is correct.

Another vital piece of documentation is the weight of the package.

Since FedEx trucks deliver across states, they often have to weigh at stations.

Certain states require fee payments if the truck is overweight.

FedEx needs to know the weight of every package to load their trucks accordingly and avoid these fees.

Without the information about the weight, the package won’t move.

The seller needs to provide it to FedEx.

The packing list and the North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin are also needed.

Without those items attached to the package, FedEx can’t deliver it.

It takes FedEx a while to deliver a package without these items because it takes the seller time to arrange and send them.

The longer it takes the seller to send the documents, the longer the buyer has to wait for their package.

How To Speed Up Your FedEx Deliveries

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (7)

There are a few steps you can take to ensure your FedEx deliveries are either on time or early.

Follow these tips to speed up your FedEx deliveries and reduce delays.

1. Double-Check Shipping Information

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (8)

Before you submit your order, you should check the shipping information.

Ensure that you typed in the right shipping address.

After you submit the order, you should also double-check that the seller has the right shipping information.

When they deliver the tracking information to you, check the address one last time.

This is the information that the seller sent to FedEx.

If it all checks out, then your chances of the package arriving at the wrong address are reduced.

2. Pay Extra Shipping Costs

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (9)

Another way to decrease the amount of time it takes to deliver your package is to pay extra shipping costs.

Most sellers will offer different shipping options.

The cheapest option uses FedEx Ground.

It’s also the slowest option.

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Through FedEx Ground, the package passes from one facility to another by road.

More expensive options use air travel instead.

The package goes through a plane which speeds up the delivery process.

While traveling by air is more expensive, it’s a great way to speed up the delivery of your package.

3. Use FedEx Evening Home Delivery

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (10)

FedEx offers several different services for its customers.

One of those services is FedEx Evening Home Delivery.

This service tells drivers that they can deliver packages to your home between the hours of 5 and 8 PM.

The service runs Monday through Sunday.

Signing up for this service can speed up your delivery by widening the window in which you receive deliveries.

Drivers may not be able to deliver to your address without the service because it’s out of the normal delivery window.

As a result, they have to wait until the next day or several days if the recipient needs to be available to sign for it.

If you do need to sign for the package, then the FedEx Evening Home Delivery service is also beneficial.

It ensures that you are home to sign for it.

By allowing the drivers to send the package to your home in the evening hours, you can receive your package faster.

4. Use Custom Critical

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (11)

Custom Critical is a specialized service that FedEx provides.

It comes with a fee.

Through the Custom Critical service, you’re able to tell FedEx the exact date and time in which you want the package.

It forces the drivers to make your package a priority.

Because you paid a fee for the service, FedEx needs to deliver your package on that date and at that time.

It also ensures that you’re able to sign for the package and not miss it.

5. Sign Up For The Sunday Expansion

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (12)

In January 2020, FedEx expanded its services to Sunday.

Beforehand, it only delivered packages Monday through Saturday.

Including Sunday into their delivery window allows FedEx to stay on top of their quotas.

It also means that you’re able to get your packages on time if not sooner.

Check to see if your local FedEx honors the Sunday Expansion.

If your order is scheduled for Sunday but doesn’t arrive, then you might want to bring it up with your local FedEx carrier.

6. Order During Non-Peak Times

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (13)

A problem that many buyers make is placing online orders during busy times of the year.

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for delivery companies.

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They have to process millions of packages in a few weeks.

A lot of mistakes can happen when processing a large volume of packages.

You can speed up your delivery by starting your holiday shopping early.

You can also save more money by shopping for deals outside of the holiday window.

What Happens When A FedEx Package Isn’t Delivered On Its Scheduled Date?

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (14)

If your FedEx package isn’t delivered on the scheduled date, then you can sometimes qualify for a credit.

The credit will refund the shipping fee attached to the package.

However, the only one that can tell FedEx to credit them is the seller.

If you didn’t receive your package on the scheduled date, then contact your seller and inform them.

The seller can put a claim on the package.

FedEx will investigate the claim, and if they deem that the package was not delivered on the scheduled date, then they’ll credit the shipping fee.

What Happens If FedEx Delivers To The Wrong Address?

Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (15)

If FedEx delivers to the wrong address, then they’ll try to correct the problem.

Through their tracking app, you can check the progress of your package.

Once the driver completes the delivery, the tracking will say that the order was delivered.

It will tell you the address that the package was dropped off at, too.

If someone signed for the package, then it will include their name.

The moment that you see the package is at the wrong address, then you need to contact both FedEx customer support and your seller.

Contacting customer support will inform FedEx that they need to look at your order.

Since it’s coming from you, they may not move that quickly to resolve the issue.

Contact the seller and tell them that your package wasn’t delivered to you.

You can include the address or name of the recipient who received your package instead.

By telling the seller, they can contact FedEx customer support as well.

Since they’re paying to use FedEx’s services, the shipper is more likely to take their claims seriously.

Once FedEx reviews the claim, they’ll attempt to correct the problem.

That includes sending the driver back to the incorrect address to pick up the package.

Those who accepted the package must surrender it because it’s illegal to hold onto or open a package that doesn’t belong to you.

The driver will then take the package to the correct address.


Why Does FedEx Take So Long? (5 Possible Reasons) (16)

Several variables can influence how fast your FedEx package arrives at your address.

Storms, incorrect shipping addresses, and missing documentation can delay your package which makes FedEx take longer to deliver it.

Consider the reasons above and follow the provided tips to speed up the delivery of your FedEx packages.

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