How much precipitation did Fort Collins get yesterday? [Solved] (2022)

How much precipitation did Fort Collins get yesterday?

Observations for the Last 24 Hours 07/08/22 00:16:05
High Barometer Low Barometer30.327 in 30.067 in
Rain Total0.19 in
High Rain Rate1.18 in/hr
Low Wind Chill59.5 F
17 more rows
Jul 8, 2022

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How many inches did Fort Collins get?

Colorado's state climatologist, Russ Schumacher, measured 9.1 inches of "very fluffy" snow from the storm so far in his Fort Collins backyard, with all but an inch of that falling after 7 p.m. Tuesday. Below is a list of initial snow totals reported from various sites in Colorado.... see more ›


What was the weather yesterday in Fort Collins?

... view details ›

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How much precipitation does Fort Collins get?

Climate Averages
Fort Collins, ColoradoUnited States
Rainfall15.6 in.38.1 in.
Snowfall48.1 in.27.8 in.
Precipitation89.8 days106.2 days
Sunny237 days205 days
5 more rows

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How much snow does Fort Collins have?

Climate Averages
Fort Collins, ColoradoUnited States
Snowfall48.4 in.27.8 in.
Precipitation89.3 days106.2 days
Sunny233 days205 days
Avg. July High86.9°85.8°
5 more rows

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Is Fort Collins dry?

Fort Collins remained a 'dry town' until the then highly-amended liquor ordinance was repealed in 1969 by popular outcry.... read more ›

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How much snow did Denver get yesterday? Snow Totals
0.00 in0 in0 in
Aug 25, 2022
... see more ›

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What is a good salary in Fort Collins?

The average salary in Fort Collins is $58,852. A good hourly wage in Fort Collins is $24.04 per hour. That works out to a good weekly wage of $961 per week and a good monthly wage of $4,166 per month. However, using the median income is only one way to calculate a good salary in Fort Collins.... read more ›

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Is Fort Collins a good place to retire?

A &E television rated Fort Collins one of the “10 best Cities to Have It All,” Money Magazine ranked it, “one of the top ten best places to retire,” rated Fort Collins as one of the “Top Five Places to Retire,” and Loveland/Fort Collins is the number one, “Best Place to Reinvent Your Life,” according to AARP ...... see more ›

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Does Fort Collins get more snow than Denver?

Fort Collins averages 48.1 inches of snow per year. Denver averages 60.2 inches of snow per year.... see details ›

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Is Fort Collins CO A good place to live?

In 2020, Fort Collins ranked No. 1 on Livability's “Top 100 Best Places to Live” and No. 4 on Livability's “10 Best Places to Raise a Family.” From a strong school district to a fantastic selection of craft beer, Fort Collins has a lot to offer.... view details ›

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Why is Fort Collins so windy?

A strong, cold high pressure system moving from the west across the Rockies can generate a damaging wind down the leeward slopes of the mountains." Also known as "right into the heart of Northern Colorado."... see more ›

How much precipitation did Fort Collins get yesterday? [Solved] (2022)

What is the snowiest month in Fort Collins Colorado?

The month with the most snow in Fort Collins is March, with an average snowfall of 2.5 inches. The snowless period of the year lasts for 5.7 months, from April 24 to October 16. The least snow falls around July 20, with an average total accumulation of 0.0 inches.... read more ›

What biome is Fort Collins CO?

(Tropical and Subtropical Steppe Climate). The average temperature for the year in Fort Collins is 50.3°F (10.2°C). The warmest month, on average, is July with an average temperature of 72.6°F (22.6°C).... see more ›

What is winter like in Fort Collins?

Daily high temperatures increase by 4°F, from 45°F to 49°F, rarely falling below 22°F or exceeding 62°F. The lowest daily average high temperature is 40°F on December 30. Daily low temperatures are around 22°F, rarely falling below 3°F or exceeding 36°F.... continue reading ›

Is Fort Collins dry or humid?

Fort Collins enjoys four true seasons, abundant sunshine, and (usually) less precipitation than you might think. Humidity is generally very low, and the Rocky Mountains directly to our west frequently extract the moisture from Pacific storms before they have a chance to deliver rain or snow to the plains.... see more ›

Does Fort Collins have good weather?

The best time to visit Fort Collins is from March to October. That being said, for a city that sees about 300 days of sunshine annually, there's not really a bad time to go. Temperatures in the spring and fall range from the mid-50s to the low 70s, making the weather perfect for exploring the great outdoors.... view details ›

Is Colorado in a drought?

The evolution of snowpack during the last two months, as of Feb. 15, 2022. Courtesy Colorado Climate Center, Colorado State University. The state's drought situation is better than it was a year ago, although the San Luis Valley and a small portion of northwestern Colorado are still in severe drought.... see more ›

How much did it rain in Denver?

Denver (east): 1.22 inches. Loveland: 1.21 inches. Broomfield: 1.18 inches. Indian Hills: 1.17 inches.... see more ›

What is the wettest month in Denver?

The month with the most rain in Denver is May, with an average rainfall of 1.9 inches. The rainless period of the year lasts for 4.3 months, from October 31 to March 7. The month with the least rain in Denver is January, with an average rainfall of 0.1 inches.... see more ›

Is Fort Collins LGBT friendly?

But Fort Collins has always had LGBTQ+ community members who have lived, loved, and thrived here, raised families and built businesses and careers here, and also survived here despite widespread, legal discrimination and acts of violence for much of that history.... view details ›

Why is Fort Collins so popular?

In fact, Fort Collins has made the list every year since 2015 thanks to our community of tech giants, employment opportunities at Colorado State University, the thriving microbrewery industry, the arts scene, the educational opportunities, our countless independent restaurants, and the bounty of outdoor amenities.... see details ›

What's Fort Collins known for?

Fort Collins: Colorado's Craft Beer Capital!

From the King of Beers to Fat Tire, Fort Collins is home to 20 award-winning craft breweries and one of the best-known large breweries in the world, Anheuser-Busch. Whether you are here for the day or the week, you will find just the thing to wet your whistle.... see details ›

What is special about Fort Collins?

Outdoor Activities

Fort Collins has big-city offerings with the amenities of a Colorado mountain town. All of the aforementioned activities including exploring open space are all encouraged on your visit to Fort Collins, which plays host to National Forests, the Cache la Poudre River and Horsetooth Reservoir.... see more ›

How expensive is it to live in Fort Collins?

Fort Collins cost of living is 118.3
COST OF LIVINGFort CollinsColorado
4 more rows

Is Boulder or Fort Collins better?

U.S. News and World Report: Boulder is best place to live; Fort Collins in top 20.... read more ›

Are people friendly in Fort Collins?

Pros of living in Fort Collins

The crime rate in Fort Collins is lower than in other cities in the U.S., making it one of the most family-friendly cities in the nation. It has an incredible education system. Its economy is steady and has open employment opportunities.... read more ›

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