What does the lamb symbolize answer? (2023)

What does Blake's poem the lamb symbolize?

'The Lamb' by William Blake is a warm and curious poem that uses the lamb as a symbol for Christ, innocence, and the nature of God's creation. Throughout the two stanzas of this poem, the poet speaks to the lamb, asking it if it knows who was responsible for creating it.

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What does the lamb symbolize in the poem The Chimney Sweeper?

The lamb is here a symbol of youth and innocence. Lines 7-8: The speaker comforts Tom by telling him that, since he doesn't have hair, it (his hair) won't get ruined by the soot from chimneys.

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What does the child symbolize in the lamb?

The Lamb is the most representative poem of the poems of 'innocence'. The child is the symbol of Christ, the physical incarnation of the deity. The fact that it has been sent to feed among the meadow and along the stream indicates that it is to live by natural, instinctual means, or the Divine law of the nature.

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What do the tiger and the lamb symbolize?

Blake describes the tiger as a fearful, burning, and deadly. In Back in (1810) Henry Crabb Robinson wrote about The Tyger," it symbolizes the dreadful forces in the world just as “The Lamb” symbolized gentleness, vulnerability and innocence in the circle of Innocence.

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What does the wolf and the lamb represent?

The moral of The Wolf and Lamb fable is simple, cruel and effective. Every action can be justified if we want. One's desire, backed with power, can't be stopped by justice only. This is why we, humanity, after all those centuries of progress, still resolve the conflicts by fights, physical violence, and wars.

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What do the bags symbolize in The Chimney Sweeper?

The angels bring the “naked and white” child workers into the heavenly afterlife. Nudity is a common metaphor for purity and innocence. The leaving behind of bags is a metaphor for redemption, as the sins of the material world are left behind before the children enter the afterlife.

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What is the theme of the poem chimney sweeper Class 11?

Solution : The theme of "The Chimney Sweeper" is the cruelty of life and society from the perspective of a child. As in much of Blake's more somber poetry, life and society are intermingled.

What does the lamb and lion represent?

The symbol is used in both Christianity and Judaism to represent the Messianic Age. In addition, in Christianity, according to a sermon by Augustine, the lion stands for Christ resurrected, the lamb for Christ's sacrifice ("He endured death as a lamb; he devoured it as a lion."—Augustine, Sermon 375A).

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What did the tiger symbolize?

This animal symbolizes vigor, ambition, courage, enthusiasm, self-confidence and a commitment to help others. According to legend, the tiger and other animals participated in “The Great Race” that determined how the 12 zodiacs were chosen.

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What does the tiger symbolized?

Tiger, as an ancient Chinese animal symbol is an emblem of dignity, ferocity, sternness, courage, and by itself is Yin energy. Also a symbol of protection, the image of a tiger is often seen on clothing or in the home to ward off harm any semblance of harm and assure safekeeping.

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What is the symbol of Tyger?

In William Blake's poem “The Tyger,” he spoke about how the tiger (tyger) was that thing of him. It was that symbol, it was that reflection.

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What does the lamb represent the most?

Traditionally, lambs represent innocence. In the Christian Gospels, Jesus Christ is compared to a lamb because he goes meekly to be sacrificed on behalf of humanity.

What does the lamb symbolize answer? (2023)
What does the lamb represent in Revelation 5?

Lamb: Jesus Christ (Revelation 5:6). Dragon: Satan (Revelation 12:3).

What did the wolf symbolize?

The Native Wolf Symbol represents loyalty, strong family ties, good communication, education, understanding, and intelligence. Of all land animals, the Wolf has the strongest supernatural powers and is the most accomplished hunter.

What does Tom's hair symbolize?

Tom Dacre's lamb-like hair is a symbol for youthful innocence. When he's forced to join the chimney sweep gang, Tom Dacre has his hair shaved off. This hair is compared through simile to the curls on a "lamb's back." This helps emphasize Tom Dacre's youthfulness and innocence—like a lamb, he is young and defenseless.

What does coffins of black mean?

Solution : “Coffins of black” means job of chimney-sweeping. It signifies that chimmey sweepers work near chimney that carries off smoke or steam of fire from furnace, engine etc. Their work is not without dagger.

Who is the speaker of The Chimney Sweeper?

Ans:- Tom Dacre was a chimney sweeper as the speaker of the poem. He represents the innocence of the little chimney sweepers who were forced to work in inhuman conditions.

How is the lamb similar to the Tyger?

While a tiger represents mystery and fear, a lamb symbolizes innocence and morality. Similarly to “The Tyger,” this poem focuses on the animal's creator. However, the speaker describes the lamb as a child when he asks who “Gave thee clothing of delight, / Softest clothing wooly bright;” (5-6).

How is the lamb a romantic poem?

Answer: "The Lamb" is an romantic in the sense that it puts spirituality through God in a natural setting. Also the Lamb itself serves as a Christian symbol of innocence that can also represent the same thing only in regards to nature.

What is the style of the poem chimney sweeper?

"The Chimney Sweeper" is a metrical poem, but its meter is fairly loose. Most feet in the poem are either iambic (da-DUM) or anapaestic (da-da-DUM). There are often four of these feet per line, making the poem, very loosely speaking, iambic tetrameter.

What might the children symbolize?

The child represents innocence, purity, wonder, receptivity, freshness, noncalculation, the absence of narrow ambition and purpose. As yet innocent of life, the child portrays the beginning, the origin of all. It symbolizes a primordial unity, before differentiation has taken place.

What does the child Jesus represent?

Mary and the Christ Child in religious iconography represent eternal wisdom, knowledge, love, salvation, and the sacrifices Jesus will make later in life.

What does child symbolize in the Bible?

2. Children are gifts from God to families. The word “heritage” comes from the root meaning “to get or inherit.” It is an honor and responsibility to be entrusted with a little one from God.

What is the significance of the little lamb to the slaughter?

In the story, the frozen lamb's leg is symbolism. The lamb's leg was the obvious murder weapon chosen by Mrs. Maloney, but the significance of a lamb represents innocence and purity.

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