Who has most hours on steam? (2023)

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Who has the most legit hours on Steam?

Most Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)
#Steam IDPlaytime (H)
2Tuong Do2,322,559
75 more rows

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Is 5000 hours in a game a lot?

On average, it takes 360 hours to get a bachelor degree (120 semester credits x 3 hours studying per credit). 5000 hours is halfway toward world-class expertise in any skill, if you believe in the 10,000 hour rule.

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How do you get insane hours on Steam?

Increase the hours played on your Steam games

If you purchase the Blue package or higher you can idle on up to 32 games all at the same time. This means if you are idling on 32 games at once over a 31 day period you will receive 32 times the usual hours. There are 744 hours in 31 days, so, 744 * 32 = 23,808 hours.

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Which person has the most games on Steam?

Here's info on this incredibly strange account and an estimate of how much he spent to acquire that insane library. The account, currently nicknamed Sonix, owns 33,601 games and counting as of February 2023.

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What is number 1 on Steam?

Top Games By Current Players
NameCurrent Players
1.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive1,371,702
2.Dota 2543,825
3.Apex Legends159,173
21 more rows

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Is 2 hours of gaming a day a lot?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours per day of screen-based entertainment. Parents should create a "media plan" that dictates what hours a child can enjoy video games without affecting behavior and homework, Radesky says.

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Is 7 hours of gaming too much?

For kids over the age of 6, the American Academy of Pediatrics says no more than 60 minutes on school days and 2 hours on non-school days. Kids under 6 should spend closer to 30 minutes. It's also appropriate for parents to know and approve the games their kids are playing.

Is 20 hours of gaming a week too much?

This totals to about 18 hours per week.

15-20 hours every week is starting to overplay, and more than 21 hours every week(3hrs every day) is the type of gameplay that will start to have a detrimental impact on wellbeing according to this Oxford study. However that in itself isn't a gaming disorder.

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How to get 1 Steam level?

Anyone who is not a limited user will earn a Steam level based on their account's current badges and games. You must create your Steam Community profile to view your Steam level.
These include:
  1. Purchasing games.
  2. Earning badges.
  3. Crafting badges.
  4. Upgrading badges.

What is all time peak Steam?

Concurrent Steam Users
#Name24h Peak
1.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive1,818,773
3.Team Fortress 2101,004
4.Rocket League41,184
64 more rows

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Why does Steam stop at 100?

Steam update stuck at 100% can also indicate that it's unpacking the game files to start the installation process. However, if it is stuck for quite a long time, this glitch could be related to the integrity of game files. You can verify it in Steam.

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What is the oldest account on Steam?

Earliest Steam Account Ladder (Worldwide)
#Steam IDYears
1Abacus Avenger10 sep 2003
2EJ10 sep 2003
3h10 sep 2003
4alfred10 sep 2003
68 more rows

Who has most hours on steam? (2023)
How many Steam users per day?

Top Picks. Steam has 120 million monthly active users. 62.6 million people use Steam on a daily basis.

What is the most hours anyone has on a game?

A Sydney-based sales manager called Okan Kaya has broken the record for the longest videogame marathon by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for more than 135 hours.

Is 5000 the max Steam level?

According to Steamladder, St4ck has managed to hit level 5,000 on Steam, which is the highest in the world by a significant margin. Levels on Steam depend highly on the player's account XP. XP can be earned through various tasks, the main one being badge crafting.

How much XP is 1 Steam level?

When you start out on Steam, all you need is 100 XP to get your first level. For each subsequent level until 10, 100 XP will level you up. From then on, you'll need 200 XP per level, and when you reach level 20, 300 XP, and so on. The fastest way to earn XP is crafting badges.

Who was the first Steam user?

LYNCHO. LYNCHO's account was the first to be registered on September 11, 2003. They are a member of Valve and have played over 288 games.

Why does Steam take 30%?

"Valve, an innovator that created Steam as a platform for playing video games in 2003 and, to create an integrated customer experience, offered games for purchase starting in 2004, set the 30% rate at the beginning, at a time of 'vibrant competition' for PC digital game distribution," reads the motion.

Is Steam 100% safe?

Steam uses HTTPS to secure purchases: The information that you sent to Steam for your purchase, including your credit card info, is encrypted via modern HTTPS encryption. No one and read these information, except for you and Steam.

What do you get for 100% on Steam?

Ptetty much nothing. If you have an achievement showcase on your profile then it'll show how many games you've managed to perfect... but there isn't any way to show off which games you've managed to 100% which makes it kind of a half measure.

Is 10 hours of gaming bad?

Gaming addiction is a compulsive mental health disorder that can cause severe damage to one's life. It's common for a video game addict to spend over 10 hours a day gaming, usually well into the night, and many suffer from sleep deprivation 2.

Is 24 hours of gaming bad?

Hours of gaming daily often result in less sleep, especially if you play later at night or with gamer friends from different time zones. It's easy to play “just one more game,” which results in “just one less hour of sleep.” Excessive gaming can lead to poor sleep hygiene and other adverse physical health effects.

How much gaming is healthy?

The number of healthy gaming hours for adults differs depending on the individual, and factors that affect it include a person's lifestyle and the amount of free time they have in a day. However, as a general rule, adults should avoid gaming for more than five hours at a stretch.

Does gaming affect your eyes?

Playing video games can affect vision. Gaming for a long time can lead to eye strain, eye irritation, and even computer vision syndrome. There are ways to reduce eye strain from video games. Taking breaks, using artificial tears, and blinking often are some steps you can take to help protect your eyes.

How do I stop my gaming addiction?

How to Quit a Gaming Addiction
  1. Set a Strict Time Limit for Daily Play. ...
  2. Remove Gaming Devices from Bedroom. ...
  3. Ask Friends and Family for Help. ...
  4. Try Other Stress-Relieving Activities. ...
  5. Seek Gaming Addiction Treatment.
Jan 4, 2023

How many hours is a gaming addiction?

For video game play to be classified as addictive, one must engage in them for at least 15 to 20 hours each week or more. This amounts to an average of three hours each day. This sort of play can cause lasting damage to the health and well-being of people, including their relationships and productivity.

Is 300 hours a lot for gaming?

From the perspective of a “casual" gamer that play with other “casual" gamers, 300 is not really too much. It is a good amount for a game if you play many different games. It is also a good amount of time if it is a single player game.

Does gaming affect grades?

The risks of gaming on educational outcomes

Lower grades, games affecting learning. Extended years in college. Mental health problems including depression, anxious and stress. Lack of sleep.

Does gaming count as a hobby?

The majority of people see gaming as a hobby that is entertaining, sociable and a way to wind down. It is one of several interests and activities in their life alongside spending time with friends and family, going to school or work, and their daily responsibilities.

Does anyone have 25k games on Steam?

Some have hundreds of them and while browsing the internet, today I stumbled across one Steam user that has over 25,000 games in their Steam Library -- the highest on the gaming platform across the world. This is according to the community platform SteamDB (Steam Database).

How to get level 1 on Steam without spending money?

No, you have to add at least $5 to your Steam Wallet or spend at least $5 on the Steam Store. Any xp you "earn" before that will not count until you spend $5, and then the xp will be added retroactively. No XP is counted until $5 is spent. It's actually impossible to get to level 1 without spending any money.

Can you pay over time on Steam?

Pay for your next purchase at Steam in 4 installments over 6 weeks when you check out with Zip.

Why does fall guys no longer work on Steam?

Why Is Fall Guys Not Available on Steam Anymore? These changes came after Epic Games acquired Tonic Games Group in 2021. And in case you didn't know, Tonic Games Group is the parent company of Mediatonic, the developer behind Fall Guys.

Why is Steam going down so much?

Sometimes, we take the servers down in order to perform maintenance. We might be patching software for security issues, updating operating systems or drivers, or installing new hardware, for example. These activities don't result in new features, but allow Steam to continue to run stably and efficiently.

How do I get a refund from Steam for 100?

Navigate to Steam Help (help.steampowered.com) and log in with your Steam account. Find the purchase you would like to refund and click on it. If your purchase is not listed, it falls too far outside of our refund window and is ineligible for a refund. Select the problem you are having with the product.

Is it legal to sell your Steam account?

Can I buy or sell my Steam account? Steam accounts cannot be bought or sold. An account is for the personal use of its creator only.

Does Steam ever ban accounts?

Community Bans are issued to an account when the account is used in ways that violate Steam's Community Guidelines excessively. Most Community Bans will expire, but extended or even permanent bans may be issued if the prohibited activity continues or if the moderation team finds the activity egregious.

What is the age rule for Steam?

You may not become a Subscriber if you are under the age of 13. Steam is not intended for children under 13 and Valve will not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. Additional age restrictions may apply in your country.

How many Steam users are male?

The statistic about the distribution of Steam users in the United States, broken down by gender, is based on data from the Statista Global Consumer Survey. In 2022, some 68% of adult Steam users in the U.S. were male.

What country uses Steam the most?

Steam user distribution worldwide 2018, by country

The timeline presents the distribution of Steam users worldwide as of April 2018, by country. According to the source, U.S. users accounted for 14.43 percent of all Steam's users as of the measured period, followed by 11.64 percent of users who were located in China.

How much is Steam worth?

Steam can support millions of gamers playing concurrently and nearly 30,000 games were available on it as of February 2023, according to its website. Valve was valued at $7.7 billion in May 2022 based on Bloomberg calculations and discussions with Michael Pachter, a Los Angeles-based analyst at Wedbush Securities.

Is 10,000 hours on a game a lot?

Coincidentally the average young American spends 10,000 hours playing video games. That's the same amount of time they spend in the classroom throughout middle school and high school. In the work world that translates into 40 hours a week (50 weeks a year) for four years.

What game made 800 million in 24 hours?

'Grand Theft Auto V' makes $800 million in 24 hours, poised to become world's fastest-selling game.

How accurate is Steam hours?

Steam playtimes aren't really accurate, same with raptr - i think my friend "played" minecraft 180 hours the first two weeks they had it, but i know they accidentally left it on while studying a few times. If you leave games idle on steam it will do the same thing, track idle time as played time.

How do I see most hours on Steam games?

Thankfully, Steam allows you to check that statistic.
How to View Game Time on Steam
  1. Open the “Steam” desktop app.
  2. Hover the mouse pointer over “LIBRARY” and select “HOME.”
  3. Click on the desired “Steam game” to load the game profile details on the right.
  4. The hours you played the Steam game appear under “PLAY TIME.”
Sep 15, 2022

Who has the most hours played on Minecraft?

Want must read news straight to your inbox? Joe Kelly of Cheltenham, U.K., played Minecraft for 35 hours in an effort to to break the Guinness World Record for the longest video game marathon of Minecraft, currently held by Martin Fornleitner of Austria, who played for 24 hours and 10 minutes back in 2011.

Who has the most hours in GTA 5?

Most Grand Theft Auto V Playtime Ladder (North America)
#Steam IDPlaytime (H)
2氷% lolix44,281
157 more rows

Does Steam detect AFK?

Steam does set you to AFK if you do not use it for a period of time. It only monitors it's own activitiy, so if you are playing a game that does not use Steam or it's overlay, then Steam will have no way of knowing if you are doing anything.

What is the ideal steaming time?

Take your idli steamer or pressure cooker or electric cooker or Instant pot. Add some 2 to 2.5 cups water and heat the water until it comes to a light boil. Keep the idli mould in the steamer or pressure cooker. Steam for 12 to 15 minutes.

Does Steam still count hours in sleep mode?

Does Steam count hours in sleep mode? Steam does not know your PC is sleeping as all it does is track if Steam exe is running and whether a game is running to accumulate playtime. Shut down a game to stop Steam recording playtime as Steam does not have a suspend resume feature. Close games before using sleep mode.

How long can you play a game on Steam before refund?

Valve will, upon request via help.steampowered.com, issue a refund for any title that is requested within 14 days of purchase and has been played for less than 2 hours (this includes online, offline and shared library playtime).

Who has the most hours on rust?

Rust Creators
#NameViewer Hours
1fps_shaka JA4,647,795
2だるまいずごっど (darumaisgod) JA1,999,284
3stylishnoob4 JA1,059,101
4sasatikk JA921,947
21 more rows

When did Steam start tracking hours?

Valve did not implement the playtime tracking feature until March 2009. Games played before that time will therefore not have all playtime recorded, which means that for these games, the playtime totals will be smaller than they actually are.

How much time is 100 Minecraft?

A 100 days in Minecraft is equal to around one and a half-day or over 33 hours in normal time.

Who is the fastest man to beat Minecraft?

The world's fastest Minecraft completion is currently held by Rayoh, with a blistering run of 2 Minutes and 3 seconds.

How long is 1 GTA hour in real life?

Therefore, one in-game hour is now two real-life minutes and one in-game day is now 48 real-life minutes.

Who sleeps the least in GTA?

When saving the game by sleeping, a different amount of time passes depending on which character you're playing as when going to bed. Michael sleeps for only 6 hours, Franklin sleeps for 8, and Trevor sleeps for a whopping 12 hours.

Who has the most hours in Ark?

Most ARK: Survival Evolved Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)
#Steam IDPlaytime (H)
2็⁧⁧gordo PRO9047,317
156 more rows

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